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You are bizarre and beautiful and I will love you forever

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I made this book at the close of 2018 as a way of coming to terms with the end of a period of my life. I had been over-working myself for a long time, trying to do everything, and I knew that something had to change. So I bought a second-hand minivan, packed up my life and drove nine hours to live in my parents' attic and re-think.

I made this book in the weeks prior to that drive, reflecting on seven years of life in Edinburgh, as a love letter and goodbye. Residents will recognise bits of this book and other bits won't seem significant to anybody but me. I have tried my hardest to present the images and text in chronological order, from the moment I first stepped foot in the city, infatuated, and following my changing attitudes to its grandeur. This book is a document of place, but also of a place in life - the years from 18 to 26. I like to think that in this way some of these thoughts and feelings may be universal.

Perfect-bound, 14.5 x 14.5cm, 76 pages, first edition of 25.

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