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From the Anne Frank House (unframed)

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'From the Anne Frank House', 2018 

This print is part solarised, a one-of-a-kind darkroom error that at the time convinced me the negative was haunted. I took this photograph in the queue outside the Anne Frank House, waiting and I guess thinking about time - wondering whether this tree had borne witness to the events that claimed Anne's life.

I was printing the negative sometime later in 2018 when a series of test strips came out in the trays with a spectral hand print covering the picture (in retrospect this was definitely just an error of printing, obviously one that had something to do with my whopping great hands in the way, but I was still new to printing so it excited me a little). When this print bloomed like a bruise in the dev, in my mind something ghoulish was confirmed. My negative was haunted by Anne Frank. Funny thing is, I was happy to see her and felt she was probably glad to have made it through into the paper. I think I did see a ghost once when I was about 17 and it was similar, I didn't feel frightened at all.

I'm now a bit more familiar with solarisation (and what not to do in the darkroom - subtly checking your phone included) so although this probably wasn't a ghostly visit in the 'traditional' sense of the word, in the generation-spanning weird presence sense it was, fleetingly we were in the red light together. I didn't know Anne Frank and don't pretend she actually visited me in the darkroom or would care about this photograph but having read her memoir and communicated across time in this way, it doesn't feel too different. 

This is not a haunted object. Do not buy it attempting to summon Anne Frank. It is just a mistake of light and chemistry that made me imagine for a little.

10 x 8" solarised silver gelatin print on RC Ilford Gloss, one-of-a-kind.

Sold unframed and signed on reverse. Framing options can be discussed (email

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