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Naples I, 2018 (unframed)

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Photographed and printed 2018.

When exploring a place on my own I feel a real vulnerability at being exposed to so much that is unfamiliar - places, people, foods, smells, language, heat. It's exciting and it's the whole point of travelling and it also means tiny pockets of peace are more apparent and more appreciated. Often when I'm somewhere new these little moments of quiet seem so perfectly placed and arranged that I start to question the authenticity of the scene - surely someone has placed this triangle of spheres like this, the curve of the fern,  surely this is designed entirely for me to encounter? I guess not. I think instead when I'm away, and purposeless,  and my entire purpose is to drink a place in, I give more thought to noticing the details. 

10 x 8" silver gelatin print on RC Ilford Pearl, edition of 6.

Sold unframed, signed and editioned. Framing options can be discussed (email

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