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Naples II, 2018 (unframed)

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Photographed and printed 2018.

When I came to review my travel archive at the close of 2018 I noticed so many photographs like this - dense natural textures, overlappping and unstemmable growth. There were subterranean images of soil systems, unmovable tors, heavy ancient stone, dark pits of sand and all kinds of photographs of plant networks: leaves, branches and roots threatening suffocation. It's perhaps a sign of the times that when I noticed this trend across images from Italy, England, Finland, Spain and beyond, I identified this as a way of making the overwhelming aspects of the digital world manifest. I looked at these images spanning years of my adolescence and adulthood and I think on some level I made these images to try and illustrate digital environments because there is no tangible way of photographing how these platforms manifest in our lives. This is the closest I can come to photographing the interwoven world of digital information and virtual commitments that can feel heavy, thick, wild, and occasionally threatens to 'overwhelm'.

10 x 8" silver gelatin print, on RC Ilford Pearl, edition of 3.

Sold unframed, signed and editioned. Framing options can be discussed (email

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