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Untitled, imperfect print (unframed)

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Photographed 2017 and printed 2018.

This print is an imperfect work print made as part of Another Colouring Book, which was my first hand-printed project. During my time experimenting in the darkroom I developed a frameless print style, which meant that (for rookie me) exposure times were difficult to adhere to in order to ensure an even print. This neg has been under-exposed during the print process, and there is spilt chemistry on the print surface (see images).

Still, somehow I like to look at it. The original negative is an image of my shadow falling onto a hole in the road, a visual representation of my mind being stuck in a fog. In this print however, the road is almost bleached away and instead this becomes somehow inter-stellar. There are still daisies in the grass but they could be stars, and the ditch and gravel some kind of galaxy.

10 x 8" silver gelatin print on RC Ilford Gloss, one-of-a-kind imperfect print.

Sold unframed and signed on reverse. Framing options can be discussed (email

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