Christina Webber

Christina Webber lives and works in Scotland, where she completed a First Class BA (Hons) in Photography & Film from Edinburgh Napier University in 2015. Christina loves pictures, words and their potential when put together; using photography as a reflective process to re-position perspective and explore shared experience. She is currently cultivating an intense love-hate relationship with the internet's capacity for perpetual connectivity. 

Christina is an advocate for dialogue and the diversification of critical discourse, acting as co-founder of Fresh Focus, a peer-led critique group providing dedicated space for project discussion/development and recently launching Finding Focus, a series of authentic conversations seeking to 'demystify' the creative industries. Currently Christina is working in a Freelance capacity as a Digital Content Producer for a variety of clients and Tutoring as part of the Stills School.

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  • March 14 - May 24th 2020: Scottish Portrait Awards 2019 (Kirkcudbright Galleries, Kirkcudbright) | Jack Low, Leith (from OVERWHELM) selected for exhibition
  • February 1 2020: BREAKING BOUNDS - FOUR WOMEN, FOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEYS | Invited speaker (Glasgow Art Club, Glasgow) 
  • January 17 - February 27 2020:  Scottish Portrait Awards 2019 (Glasgow Art Club, Glasgow) | Jack Low, Leith (from OVERWHELM) selected for exhibition
  • November 10 2019: Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2019 (Summerhall, Edinburgh) | Self / conscious screened as part of the 'Conventionality Isn't Me' programme
  • October 31- November 30: Scottish Portrait Awards 2019 (Edinburgh Art Club, Edinburgh) | Jack Low, Leith (from OVERWHELM) selected for exhibition
  • March 23 2019: SETTLE DOON (Settlement Projects, Bonnyrigg) | Digital Noise exhibited as moving image installation
  • December 1 2018 - January 27 2019:​ Jill Todd Photographic Award 2018 (Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow) | Digital Noise highly commended by judging panel ​
  • December 2018: You are bizarre and beautiful and I will love you forever self-published | First edition of 25 (76 pages, perfect bound)
  • September 2018 - October 2018: Another Colouring Book (Cameo Bar, Edinburgh) | Solo show, work exhibited with additional archive material
  • July 7-17 2018: ​​Projects 18: Fresh Focus ​(Stills: Centre for Photography, Edinburgh) | Exhibited Another Colouring Book 
  • April 2018: Are we nearly post-gender yet? self-published | First edition of 50 (38 pages, staple bound, hand embroidered)
  • March 1-10 2018: ​Gender and the Lens II (Ryerson Art Space, Canada) | are we nearly post-gender yet? selected for exhibition by ​Feminist Photography Network

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