|  Starting out  |

Christina has a professional background in the hospitality industry, where in 2016 she started to manage the Instagram account for independent café Fieldwork. In this role she was able to use her formal education in photography to craft compelling visual content, and authentic copy which reiterated the brand's unique personality.

Simultaneously, Christina was curating her own practice as a Visual Artist, and carving out a space on and offline for critical community Fresh Focus as a Co-Founder of the group supported by Stills: Centre for Photography. This involved project-managing group exhibition Projects 18: Fresh Focus, the production of group publication WORKBOOK and an associated calendar of open studio days and events.

Since then, she has completed an NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Digital Promotion for Business, providing a thorough understanding of how to apply traditional promotional principles within a digital context, and continued to accumulate a variety of industry experience. This includes working as part of the Communications team at Assembly Festival, operating as a Freelance Social Media Officer for a number of creative clients including The Hippodrome Silent Film Festival and Edinburgh TradFest.

Christina is currently operating as Communications Officer for the Royal Society of Edinburgh, working specifically on the Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission.

|  Recent Digital Initiatives  |

Recent work: Wendy McMurdo in Conversation

Christina recently took the opportunity to interview Wendy McMurdo to discuss Night Garden, a body of work made during the coronavirus lockdown and exhibited in 2020 as part of the group show Florilegium at Inverleith House. The conversation covers the future of exhibitions, the sensory acuteness of nature, the stillness of prints, flowers, digital culture, and art's potential for healing. This was kindly filmed in the Gallery ahead of opening by Kat Gollock

This interview was inspired by the launch of the Studies Editions initiative (in which both Wendy and Christina have prints available for purchase) and premiered on the Studies in Photography Facebook page. You can also watch this on YouTube here.

Recent work: Finding Focus

Christina recorded a series of informal interviews with photographers that she admired in January/February 2020. She has recently released these conversations as a resource designed to 'demystify the creative industries'. These exchanges not only offer a behind-the-scenes discussion of contemporary project work, but go one step further to discuss the challenges and compromises facing emerging artists today. 

You can watch a video accompaniment to these conversations, complete with subtitles, portraits of the sitters and relevant project content here.

Finding Focus is also available as a podcast on all major platforms.

Recent work: Stills School Online

Christina began tutoring as part of the Stills School in October 2019, teaching a broad introduction to photography: from analogue developing and printing techniques, to zine-making and collage. 

In light of the COVID-19 lockdown Christina was then invited by Stills to produce a pair of educational video resources encouraging those interested in exploring photography to participate in a series of small exercises at home. This process involved planning, structuring and shooting the video content (showcasing both historically important and contemporary practitioners making work on the selected themes), editing the material, formatting/exporting the video and producing the accompanying subtitles. 

You can find these videos on the Stills School Vimeo channel here.

Recent work: #NightWalkZine

Christina recently launched '#nightwalkzine' in collaboration with photographer Jack Low, bridging Edinburgh and Glasgow during the COVID-19 lockdown. This project provided a therapeutic pursuit  for the photographers, whilst seeking to tangibly connect with others in a responsible way.

Participants were invited to 'build their own walk' and curate their own publication by sharing their desired sequence to their Instagram stories. These were then printed and folded into zines using available materials. This cleverly incorporated raising awareness of the project with participation, producing a unique digital and physical 'walk' for each order.

Recent work: #SilentSaturday / #SilentSunday

Christina has been working with The Hippodrome Silent Film Festival since September 2019 in order to promote the tenth edition of the Festival  in Bo'ness. 

In light of the cancellation of this year's Festival due to COVID-19, and with a desire to maintain the online dialogue around silent film, and nurture HippFest's place within that, Christina launched the #SilentSaturday and #SilentSunday campaign to keep audiences engaged with early film history. This uses interactive content to engage Twitter and Instagram audiences, providing a fun and informative resource for the silent cinema community in the absence of the Festival and cinema itself. 

'Work hard and make things happen.'

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