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Rachel Caunt @ Fieldwork Cafe

Good afternoon internet,

Before I get distracted and engage with some internal anecdote*, this is just a brief post to share some photos of a very lovely exhibition that took place last month at Fieldwork Cafe. 

The design and collage work of Rachel Caunt is widely known by the name Paper Covers Rock, and I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous exhibition during its stay on Fieldwork’s walls. Rachel is based in North London - however if you are not, never fear, you can browse and buy her work here. I’ve always been a fan of collage but have tended to make work that comes across clumsily direct, something about photo collage tends to be more abrupt. What I love about Rachel’s work is the subtlety of shapes and tones that lend themselves to an aesthetic guided, but not limited by, their respective titles. There is just enough empty space and just enough colour in each composition. They’re elegant and somehow nostalgic. 

This is a small selection of images but it’s only a small space so I’ve tried to avoid repetition. I really do encourage you to go online and check out the Paper Covers Rock online store, there are so many beautiful print goodies that you could have hanging in your own space!

Also, if you’ve never heard of Fieldwork you can find us on instagram (and be tempted by photos of cakes and other sweet things) here.

Have a fantastic week.

*It has just struck me that I probably should have used my surname as a gift at some point during the whole website-creation process. Webber isn’t good for much but it could have been good here. www.christinawebber’  (AS IN world wide web .ber .com !!!!!!!!)

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